Learning Platform

Designed and developed a learning platform to teach about accessibility and SEO.

Journey Mapping, Design Sessions, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Front-end Development

Discovery, Sketches & Concepting

Prior to starting development, I meet up with stakeholders to understand requirements and needs. Based on this research, I started working on the user flows and sketches to validate the concept.


Created wireframes and rapid prototype using Balsamiq to show the workflow and to gather feedback quickly.

Visual Designs

Created the visual design of the platform, Apple wanted something very clean and minimalist focused on the content.

Front-end Development

Once the design was approved, I started working on the front-end development using HTML5, SCSS and Javascript (React). Working alongside the back-end development team, we worked in an agile methodology to make sure problems were discovered quickly and dealt with efficiently.

Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways

– Created mockup and sketches quickly to continuously validate ideas and avoid long stretches of design work.

– We managed to release the product 2 weeks before the deadline.