Children Ecommerce Website

Designed and developed an ecommerce website that offers delightful customer experience and a selection of carefully curated products.

Branding, Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototyping, Front-end Development

My business partner and I decided to embark on this startup venture with the aim to offer a delightful customer experience through great user experience, products carefully selected and an appealing brand involving a sense of communities.

Discovery, Sketches & Concepting

Prior to starting development, I did some user research from parents to gauge marketability, brand attractiveness and pain points.


We came up with a brand identity that would be easily recognizable, playful, not too childish and looked professional. The idea behind it is that 3 friends, Tomo a little boy dress up as a dog, his best friends Turtle, an endangered species and Ravy, the traveller “talking” tree and expert botanist. Together they take our customers around the world and beyond, to find out more about some causes and our environment.

Visual Designs

I created the visual design of the website, we wanted some playful, not kidish and looked professional.


Products Page

Single Product Page

Ajax Login/Registration

Advanced Single Page Checkout

Advanced Thank You Page

Front-end Development

Once the design was finish, I started working on custom build theme on WordPress using HTML5, SCSS, jQuery and PHP.

Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways

– Created mockup and sketches quickly to continuously validate ideas and avoid long stretches of design work.

– We managed to release the product 2 weeks before the deadline.